5 simple tips to make your plantain chips extra crispy

Pulse daily DIY recipe teaches prospective chefs how to prepare healthy, Ghanaian dishes in a simple way.

They can be covered with salt to have a delicious taste. Most often, when this is being made at home they turn out more softer and less crunchy which makes it less enjoyable.

Pulse.com.gh brings you 5 tips to an extra cripsy sweet plantain chips every time.

Though many  prefer ripe plantain chips to unripe plantain chips, it becomes quite a problem when it is over riped. Over riped plantains do not work at all for plantain chips. Think of them like bananas; are ready to go into the freezer for a smoothie, because it’s too ripe. If the plantain is mostly black and hardly yellow, then it’s too ripe as well.

While the chips are frying, flip them as often as you can. You can do this by just gently moving the chips around the oil with a kitchen spider. I still don’t get why this works, but it does.

Specifically between 350-375 degrees F. If your oil is not hot enough, the plantain chips will be too limp or they become chewy and hard; if your oil is too hot, the plantain simply burns fast.

You will know when the chips are ready to come out of the oil not only from the color (golden brown for ripe plantains, and lightly gold for unripe plantains), but also from the level of sizzling. Once the plantain chips are done, they sizzle significantly less in the oil than when they are not done. Try it… you will notice it, the sizzling almost stops.

Placing stacked plantain slices into the oil may not be a problem, but it increases the chances of the plantain chips clumping together.


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