Tomato plums



Locust beans

Assorted meat

Vegetable oil


All purpose seasoning



DIY Recipes

DIY Recipe

DIY Recipes

DIY Tips Method

Blend the peppers, tomatoes and the onions together using a blender and add the locust beans and blend together.

On the other hand, empty the contents of the tomato puree into a plate and mix with warm water until slightly thick.

Wash meat and transfer to a pan. Season with salt, all purpose spices and marinade for 30 minutes. Cook under medium heat until tender.

Allow meat to cool and fry in hot oil until until golden and put aside.

Add the blended tomato mixture into a pot on medium heat. Leave to boil until the mix becomes thick with the water dried up.

Heat up vegetable oil in a pot.  Then, add the boiled tomatoes and the tomato puree mix then stir.

Stir continuously and add meat stock after 10-15 minutes.

Now, add the fried meat and spices. Add salt to taste. Cover it and leave to simmer for about 5 minutes.