Here's the perfect way to cook jollof rice using 'parboil' method

Jollof Rice is a Nigerian delicacy that some people haven't gotten a hang on but then there are different methods to make it and this is one of the easiest methods...

Jollof rice is usually served with chicken

Jollof rice is about a Nigerian delicacy, every one loves it but not everyone can cook it well.

The thing with nailing the perfect Jollof rice is to get the pepper measure right as well as make sure chicken broth is used instead of water to infuse the rich 'seasoned chicken' taste into the meal.

There are different ways to cook Jollof rice well, from starting with fried pepper to boiling the pepper and more there are different methods for cooking it.

The parboil method is one of the common methods where the rice is parboiled before adding it to the pepper/stew making sure both are thoroughly mixed for a great taste.

If you don't know how to use the parboil method, watch and learn from Knorr Nigeria recipe above.


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