DIY Recipes: How to make ripe plantain pudding

Plantain pudding is a spicy and savoury dish loved by Ghanaians.

Plantain pudding

Plantain pudding is a delicacy prepared with very ripe plantains and cornmeal. It is prepared to be spicy to balance the very sweet taste of the overripe plantains.


2 ripe plantains

1 cup corn meal or corn flour


3 fresh pepper chopped

1 medium pepper

1 medium size onion

Half cup of smoked prawns

One and a half tablespoons of ground crayfish


2 cups Palm nut extract or ¼ palm oil

3 cloves (optional)

Salt and Seasoning to taste

Banana/Plantain leaves or small plastic bowls or even aluminium foil to wrap or put the batter in.



Wash, peel and cut the ripe plantains into little bits.

Add the cornmeal to the sliced plantains, sliced onions, crayfish, and pepper.

Pour in the palm nut extract (or palm oil) and blend all the ingredients together into a smooth consistency.

Then, add seasoning and salt to taste.

To cook the pudding, pour batter into banana leaves, foil, or plastic bowls. If you are using plastic bowls, then oil the insides of each bowl before pouring some of the batter into each bowl or wrap.


Lay a strong sack bag inside the pot to prevent the plastic bowls, foil, or banana leaves from sticking to it. You may also lay sticks instead.

Place the wraps or plates of batter inside the lined pot and add water gradually.

Cook on low heat for about 40-45 minutes while checking the water levels at intervals to ensure it has not dried up.

Before putting down the pot, ensure that the puddings are firm enough and cooked through.

And your plantain pudding is ready to be served with any side dish of your choice.


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