First dates: 6 foods you can buy to impress your partner

First dates are usually a big deal to both partners. If you are the one taking the other person out on that date, you might want to consider what to get that will impress him or her and still be budget friendly.

Lovers on a date

Please note that these suggestions are subjective and not exhaustive

· English breakfast

Whoever your date is, I’m sure they have had enough of ordinary breakfast; hausa koko and koose, tea and bread, tombrown, etc. It will be fun to allow them the opportunity to try something different, something like a full English breakfast. There are a lot of nice places you can get English breakfast here in Ghana and at reasonable prices. Who said dates should only be scheduled for evening hours?

· Ice cream

Going to an ice cream place for just ice cream is not a bad idea and is budget friendly as well. And by ice cream I don’t mean the ones vendors roam about with please; those will just disappoint your date. Taking him or her to a nice place where you can sit and talk over ice cream might cause them to fall even more!

· Pizza and drinks

You may think pizza is too cheesy a choice, but trust me, it has saved more dates than can be counted. Good thing is, it is affordable and quite common. All you need is a good drink to complement it and you both are good to go.

· Chicken and Fries

Chicken and fries are also a good meal choice for a first date if you ask me. If your date remains unimpressed should you order this, then they might be used to it, which is also not a bad anyway.

· Chinese food

Chinese food is also a great choice for a first date since it will be nice to try something different. Also, even if your partner does not enjoy the date, he or she will enjoy the food.


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