3 Fingers over ripped plantain1 1/2 Table spoon self raising flourA slice of onionA pinch of saltHalf chilly pepperA couple of clovesVegetable oil for deep frying.

Method:Put the spices(onion, pepper,cloves) in the grinding pot .Grind them into a paste.Add salt to tasteWash and peel the plantainsput them in the grinding pot (earthen ware).Mash them into a smooth paste.Add the self raising flour to the plantain mixture and mix togetherHeat the oil till hot and ready.Use the table spoon or hand to scoop some of the mixture into the oil.Continue till pan is adequately filled up,keep turning the krakro till ready.Should be ready with 3 to five minutes.Take them out onto a kitchen towel / seave and drain of any excess oil.Allow to cool.Serve with roasted peanuts.