9 hotels every travel lover should lodge at in their lifetime

Quirky, offbeat and offering a promise of adventure, these 9 hotels should be on the radar of every travel lover.


From the clever Sovhotell which is located in the middle of the Stockholm shopping centre and built to accommodate weary shoppers, to the Kumbuk River built from grass and twigs, these hotels are the go-to place for adventure loving travellers.

Check them out.

1. Karostas Cietmus: Step back in time and literarily relieve history in this Latvian hotel.  Karostas Cietmus used to be a military prison housing revolutionaries and enemies of state. But while the enemies of state are no longer housed here, guests at Karostas are invited "to live the part of a prisoner on a dismal night" as guests get to sleep on prison bunks, eat prison food and take abuse from prison guards.

2. Kokopelli's Cave Bed and Breakfast: You know you're in for an adventure when you need to climb 100 feet underground to get to this hotel, and then sign a liability waiver to be able to stay in it. Located in Farmingon, New Mexico, this one-bedroom cave home was created out of a cliffside and has 3 holes drilled for ventilation and electricity.

3. Godiva Chocolate Suite: You guessed right, this New York is made entirely from chocolate - the arms chairs, bed and even art work.

4. Palacio de Sal: In this hotel, no one needs to worry about touching the walls, it's licking the walls that more of a concern because the entire 15-bedroom hotel is made from salt! The toilets and tin roof are the only things not made from salt. Can you beat that?

5. Kumbuk River: Ever wanted to sleep out in the open before? Here's your chance. Located along the Kumbukkan Oya River in Sri Lanka, visitors get to sleep in the belly of an elephant in this hotel that is made completely from twigs and grass.

6. Giraffe Manor: You guessed right, you'll be encountering a few giraffes while lodged in this hotel. This Kenyan hotel which is modelled after a Scottish hunting lodge has several giraffe residents which often join guests through the open hotel window to beg for food.

7. Hotel Marques de Riscal: This architectural style of this Spanish hotel is what grabs our attention.  The Marque, Spain is a 43 (oddly-shaped)-room hotel whose 2 sections are connected by a foot bridge. It also spots colourful metal ribbons which serve as sunshades and temperature mudulators.


8.  Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren: This is a remodelled wine casket which can now houses four 2-person rooms.

9. Sovhotell: After a long bout of shopping at the Stockolm Shopping Centre, you can plop down at IKEA's Sovhotell where IKEA has provided pillows, sleeping masks and soothing music for tired customers to relax.


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