This post seeks to help you prepare fried rice in a very quick and easy way. You may like to serve to your family, a guest or to enjoy alone. Please find below the steps to prepare fried rice.


Boiled riceMixed peppersspring onionssausage/chicken pieces/eggsoy saucesaltcurry powder2 tablespoon vegetable oil


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1 Pour the oil into pan and heat.2 Add the spring onions.3 keep turning for a couple of minutes.4 Add the sausage and keep stiring for a couple of minutes.5 Add the mixed pepper and the magie cube for about 2-3 minutes.6 Add the curry powder(any spice of choice).7 Add the rice and mix well.8 Add the soy sauce and stire well for about 5 minutes to cook through9 Now that your fried rice is ready, you can serve on it’s own or with Shito , salad, chicken, fried fish etc.