Long flights - we're talking an upwards of 10 hours, can be very tiring and frankly plain ol' boring.

Suspended 35,000 feet above sea level in an air-compressed cabin with hundreds of strangers doesn't exactly offer a ton of options with passing time, and Lawd help you if you have trouble sleeping or do not find the in-flight entertainment to your liking.

So what options does one really in such a situation? Well, we have a few quirky ideas. Check them out.

Get up to some mischief:

Now we're not talking anything serious enough to cause an emergency. We're saying maybe there's a couple somewhere making out or a business executive making an album with his snoring..find em' and have a good giggle and possibly record it *wink*

Engage your seat mates in a game:

Now you need to be sure said seat mate wants to be engaged. Once you've gotten then unspoken consent, the options are endless...mimic accents, recite countries and their capitals or even make paper aeroplanes and get other passengers to adjudge the winner.

Try to get a glimpse of the First Class Cabin:

Get a peek of how the other half lives and be inspired.

Get a willing stewardess to kick off a game of charades:

How cool would that be?

Begin a flirty game with a passenger/stewardess:

Naturally we highly recommend you're single before you embark on this particular option.

When all else fails, there's always movies/series from the in-flight entertainment, phone games, a good book or sleep to resort to.

Good luck!