After last week's video in which he outlined a full-body workout that can be performed without any equipment, the expert just broke down how to do the face pull , one of his absolute favorite exercises, at home. Usually performed with a cable tower or bands , Cavaliere says the face pull is a "quick, easy" move that can be done every day to contribute to improved posture, healthier shoulders, and increased strength in some of the smaller, often-overlooked muscles in the upper back.

An entirely equipment-free version of this exercise can be completed using just a doorway: stand with your feet on one side, facing out, place the backs of your hands on the door jam, and then lean back to simulate the same movement. "Doing a face pull correctly is about leading with your hands, not with your elbows," says Cavaliere. "If you do this properly, you're gonna get the same feeling of engagement in the upper back, in the rotator cuff, in the posterior deltoids."

If you have a home gym, then you can improvise the equipment for the face pull using a band and a pullup bar. If you don't have any gym equipment at your disposal, then you can use a towel and some heavy household items: Simply lay the towel flat, place the weight in the middle, fold the towel lengthwise over it, then pick it up by the ends with an underhand grip.

Cavaliere adds that a gym bag can be used in much the same way for this exercise; just fill it with a little bit of weight. And remember, for this specific move, you don't need to overload the bag for it to be effective.

"The exercise doesn't change, the mechanics will stay the same," he says. "You bend over so that you're pulling up against the weight of gravity, and you perform the same movement, externally rotating those shoulders by trying to get the elbows down and the hands back as far as you possibly can... There's no sacrificing here, no matter how you do the exercise, it's gonna deliver the benefits. The key is, you just gotta do it."