And then you have celebs who use it somewhat differently, like wrestler-turned-actor John Cena . In a recent interview , Cena explained that he uses the platform for the usual work-related purposes, but also as a mindfulness tool.

Ask the difficult questions, start the difficult conversations, do the difficult work. With empathy, effort, patience, and persistence...impossible can become reality. John Cena (@JohnCena)

"Two years ago, I openly decided that I would use Twitter for a little bit of self-promotion and then as a journal," he said. "I'm trying to tip the balance of the social platform a little bit more toward the positive."

Cena revealed that he spends an hour each morning journaling, and that a lot of the time, his thoughts and reflections end up becoming the missives that he posts on Twitter.

Look back on it all with a smile. Look forward to it all with excitement. Plant yourself here in the now with purpose. John Cena (@JohnCena)

His Instagram account, meanwhile, remains inscrutable. Anybody who has spent much time following Cena on Insta will know two things: he never posts photos of his own face, and none of his photos come with captions. The result is a surreal feed devoid of context, a grid of images that are almost Dadaist in their intentional meaninglessness.

Cena was called out on this during a recent appearance on A Little Late with Lilly Singh , but it seems that his Instagram makes perfect sense to him, and that several of his posts contain layers upon layers of meta-commentary that are open to interpretation. For instance, one of his pics is a screengrab of the error screen from when Instagram went down. So naturally the first thought that went through Cena's mind when he wrote that was: "I'm gonna blast out that Instagram went down... on Instagram."

OK, so maybe there are no galaxy brain takes to be found on Cena's Insta but it's a fun, weird place to be nonetheless. And if you're looking for meaning, insight, or inspiration, well... you know where his Twitter account is.