When it comes to lipomas , bigger is better, at least for Dr. Pimple Poppers audiencenot for the people who have to carry these squishy, slow-growing lumps of misplaced fat cells that grown between muscles and skin. Popaholics have watched dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee MD free patients from lipoma clusters the size of a meatball , as huge as a bodily organ and as soft and messy as a serving of mashed potatoes .

In a new YouTube video , Lee forces out a baby lipoma from a ravioli-size cyst, which she estimates has been growing in a mans forehead for about a year. What the video lacks in awe for its size, it makes up for in display of persistence in small-scale surgery. Over 12 minutes, Lee alternates between scalpel, scissors, tweezers, hook and blood-absorbing Q-tip to remove the little limp, while occasionally administering a squirt of anesthesia from her numb gun. I see him, says the steadfast Lee. Were just trying to coax him out.

After the surgery, the patient, apparently a fan, wants to see the dislodged lump of fat thats been incubating on his noggin for a year, but all Lee has to show him is a bloody surgical napkin and a little tissue.

The video is titled Head to Head: Forehead Lipomas Challenge - Challenger 1, so maybe part two will have more spongy head tissue, if thats your thrill.

Watch the video here: