We all have spent days, perhaps weeks or for some , months—counting down the days until we can start celebrating Christmas. Now its closer more than ever.

We’ve rounded up some of the best things to do with the family and trust you will love it entirely.

1.Cinema Moments

Family-watching-a-movie-together Family-watching-a-movie-together

Find out which films are topping the charts of movies and gather the family to watch it this festive season. It cranks the ties between members of families up a notch. But of course, these movies must be appropriate for all ages; very family oriented as well.


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There is nothing as beautiful and exciting than coming together as a family to decorate the house. From Christmas lights and Santa three decoration with beatiful stars. It is a very beautiful and an unforgettable family moment.

3.Go shopping

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The good news is that most shops have their prices reduced during these festive season. Christmas always come with some great discount sales you can take advantage of as a family this Christmas Season.


iStock-495808888 iStock-495808888

Of course, volunteering is a great thing to do any time of year but its more fun and meaningful when done in this period as a family. It could be feeding street children or cleaning your community for a serene atmosphere with other families.