In the scare of coronavirus (COVID 19), people who planned to marry within the season have been either forced to cancel their wedding dates or better still postponed it until further notice.

Although I think the pandemic should not stop your wedding, there are still situations that can influence your decision to postpone your ceremony.

They should include the following:

  • Unsuccessful counseling

If this period caused you and your partner to engage in no counselling sessions then you should only cancel the wedding. Counselling sessions are very important to your union.

  • Finances

If a couple has not budgeted properly or planned their wedding based on financial projections as opposed to their current liquidity then it may be a good time to revisit a wedding budget and postpone the wedding.

  • Health issues

Even after the lockdown ban has been lifted across various states and countries, one may want to wait to see if cases of COVID-19 reinfection occur. Couples may consider postponing their wedding to a later date in order to make sure it is safe to have people gather at a wedding.

  • Faraway destination

If you planned to have a destination wedding with only your closest family and friends and you would like for them to be present, consider pushing your wedding forward by a few months at least.