You always have to check out for these red flags in every stage of the relationship. Some of the signs that you're currently in, or heading into, a bad relationship may not be noticeable at first. They may be subtle. They may show themselves only once in a while. But when you add them all together, they may give you pause to reconsider if this is someone you want to spend your life with. brings you 5 warning signs of a bad relationship.

1.You don't feel like a priority

signs of a bad relationship

Does your partner seem like the kind of person who will drop everything and help you when it’s really important? If not, then you’re probably in a relationship where you don’t feel like a priority to your partner. While we can’t always be top priority, you should feel like your partner cares about you.

2.You can't open up

You don’t feel able to confide in your partner. If you were to reveal something that you’re sensitive about, you’re not sure if they’d react respectfully or helpfully.

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3.No positive influence

You can’t identify any ways you’ve positively influenced each other. For example, you haven’t adopted any of each other’s interests or taught each other any new skills.

signs of a bad relationship

4.Unhealthy comparison

Is your partner comparing your body or something about you to another person? Does she or he wan't you to alter something you have always been? Your partner doesn’t make you feel good about your body; they point out your thinning hair or saggy underarm skin.

5.Family and friends don't like the idea

signs of a bad relationship

I don’t think we should choose our boyfriends or husbands based on our family and friends’ opinions, but I do think we should take their opinions into consideration! If your family or friends have strong reservations about your partner, I encourage you to ask for specific reasons. Find out the root of their feelings, and try to be objective.