Planning out the guest list with the bride.

The groom must find out who his parents would like to invite, track their addresses and send them invitation cards.

Dealing with his family

Averagely, mothers-in-law want to get actively wants to get involved in the wedding planning. Some of them have issues with everything the bride-to-be decides. It’s up to the groom to communicate effectively with both parties for a successful event.

Learning to dance—and practising

The wedding trend included a choreographed dance by the bride and groom. The newlyweds are expected to steal all the attention with every move. The groom is supposed to sign up for dance lessons at least six months in advance and make your weekly dance lesson a fun night out.

Choosing and giving gifts to his groomsmen and best man.

Choosing the perfect gift for your significant other is not an easy task. It gets tougher when you are buying gifts for men you barely know. The groom is the best person to select thoughtful gifts for his friends for their support and friendship over the years.

Styling his wedding-day look.

The bride and groom have to look extraordinaire on their wedding day. Hence the groom has to invest in his looks; work with the best designers to create bespoke apparel that fits the overall style of the wedding.

Getting a haircut.

Getting a trim is key, but make sure it's not the day before; if he gets his hair cut that close to the wedding, there's no a time for the trim to grow out if it's too close. Aim for two weeks before.

Giving his bride a thoughtful gift the day of the wedding.

Traditionally, the couple exchange gifts but the man can go the extra mile to surprise his beautiful wife while she is getting ready for the nuptials with a special present which will keep her glowing throughout the event.

Dancing with the mothers and bridesmaids.

In addition to his first dance with the bride, the groom should ask his mother and the bridesmaids to dance, as well as the maid/matron of honour.

Planning the honeymoon

Some brides want to be involved in the planning of the honey but there are countless ways to surprise her upon reaching the destination like fun excursions, dates, dinner with her favourite celebrity among others.