How to know the perfect ring size for your partner

Men are suppose to know his partner's ring size and the shape she loves once as the relationship matures

Literally, the road to holy matrimony is irrevocably sealed when she accepts the promise ring.

These days, some couples are so glued to social media they flaunt their lifestyles on for their followers to admire and comment.

Arguably, social media has become disruptive for guys who want a low profile proposal ceremony.

To avoid being trolled on social media or by friends and family about the quality of ring, design, type of ornament used for the ring purchased for your girlfriend, below are five tips to consider before choosing a ring.


Proposals are meant to be getting your partner out of the blue and everything about it has to be perfect. The most memorable is when the man is putting the ring on the finger of the woman. It will be very embarrassing if the ring that not fit or it is too loose for her.

The best way to know her size is to secretly take her favourite ring, quickly pass by the ring shop, and get the size without her noticing that it is missing.

Some couple shop for ring together but if you want to go traditional then you have to be reconnaissance. Pay attention to the jewellery she buys and wears. Does for wear gold jewels for casual meeting and wear silver for important meetings?


Does she prefer vintage jewels to simple ones? Watch for a couple of weeks and take notes to size up her style.

Talking about other people’s wedding will get her passionate to open up about what she wants for her own wedding including the type of ring she wants and other details you might not consider.

Your partner’s sisters or friends are the best people to assist you if you want the perfect ring to woo her but they have to swear to secrecy.


Women discuss everything with their sisters and sometimes best friends and definitely her dream wedding, the ring, number of brides and the entire fairy tales have been told over and over again. They can give you a summary for her wedding preference.

Plan ahead so that you can buy the best ring without going into major debts. Buy quality pieces she would love with the money allotment for it instead of buying same design but a cheaper version.

You can engrave the inside of the ring with your initials when you place your order.


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