8 clichéd pickup lines used by Ghanaian men

Be polite, first introduce yourself and keep a respectable distance. Walk away like a gentleman if the woman you are approaching doesn’t want to talk.

I was walking on the beach when a tall dark man approached. I thought he needed directions or something but he asked for my name instead and I said, “Dormaa.”

Then he said no, your other name. I looked at him thinking ‘what is wrong with this guy’ but he insisted on hearing my surname and so I said “Yeboah,” that was when he said “Yeah, that I the name I want to change.” He looked very impressed with himself while I just shook my head at him.

Later that day, I thought it was quite funny, maybe I should have given him my number. At least he tried to be creative, some of our men are still using pickup lines from the 50’s. Here are eight of the most clichéd pickup lines used by Ghanaian Men.

1. “You see my friend over there? He says you won’t give me your number.” If someone tries this cheesy pickup line on you, just say, “Yup! Your friend is right. Bye” unless of course the guy is supper cute, then maybe you can ask him to try again. Come on guys, come up with something original! “Can I have your digits?” doesn’t cut it either.


2. “You just took my breath away.” Perhaps Ghanaian women should think up equally cheesy replies to these cheesy pickup lines. If another guy approaches me with this line, “I will say, look over there, your breath is flying away go chase after it” or is that rude? Well…

3. “Heaven must be missing an angel” I personally can’t stand this one. What does it even mean? Too Cheesy.  You just met me. You don’t even know me and you are already comparing me to an angel. It makes better sense to call someone who means something to you an angel. In my opinion, you can’t call someone an angel based on their looks. Have you seen an angel before?

4. “Hi Sweet Sister! Do you live around here?” Number one I am not your sister. Number two, you shouldn’t be trying to pick up your “sister” and finally, why would you want to know where I live? I certainly will not feel safe telling a complete stranger where I live. This pickup line is just creepy.

5. “Do you know (insert random name)?” This is one of the most hilarious pickup lines. He asks if you know some random person because according to him you have a striking resemblance with the random person. Sometimes, they go ahead to suggest that you might be related to this random person. And if you give them your number, they will WhatsApp a photo of this random person. Epic fail!

6. “What is a nice girl like you doing here all yourself?” This corny pickup line is usually in competition with another “Do you come here often?” If you use these lines, you may not be aware that they both make you sound like a creep or a stalker.


All adults are free to go wherever they want all by themselves and not be questioned about how often they visit a place. The first one is totally misogynistic.

7. “Are you on Facebook/WhatApp/Twitter?” This is absolutely rude. They usually approach you with their phones already pulled out as if it’s a done deal. First of all, who isn’t on Facebook or twitter these days? Yet, know that no one is obliged to give you their social media account information just because you asked for it.

This is actually one of the last things you should ask for when you meet someone new. Try asking for these when you have managed to have an initial decent conversation.

8. “Can I join you or can I join you ladies?” This usually happens when you are sitting alone or with friends at a restaurant, a pub or even a party.  Most of the time, they pull a chair and sit before they ask. It is rude to invite yourself to someone’s table. Get over yourself, you are not God’s gift to women.

By Dormaa Yeboah


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