Christmas is almost here; the season of giving and sharing with friends and family. The perfect time of the year to spend quality time with loved ones, a time to rekindle love and revamp relationships.

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  • Take a stroll in the streets, greet neighbors and present them with some presents, don’t expect anything in return but if you are offered something gladly receive it and continue your Santa Clausian activities.

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  • Prepare yourself a sumptuous breakfast, enjoy while sending lovely messages to friends and friends.
  • Release some stress. Go for a full body massage.
  • What better way to celebrate Christmas with a makeover. Challenge yourself with a new hairdo at your favourite saloon.

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  • If you don’t have a nice sleek and flirty outfit, spend some money on yourself. Buy a flirty figure-hugging dress or a suit for the evening.
  • Pass by the shopping mall, buy some takeouts, drinks and snacks for a cocktail party. Get in contact with a nearby restaurant to order assorted meat skewers, shrimp skewers, cakes and others foodies for the evening.

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  • Get creative with the decor. Write the activities to execute on a notepad; this is the last party of the year and you don’t want to mess things up.
  • Get chatty on the phone and remind your friends of the time for the in-house party.

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  • Slip into your new outfit, smile confidently as you receive your guest into your home.
  • Party all night, take photos with your guests.