3 quick ways to stop obsessing over your ex

One failed relationship doesn't define who you are

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How do you get over someone you once loved and shared everything with. Obsessing over your ex is very unhealthy because there's absolutely no future for you with them.


Obsessing over them means not coming to terms that they've really said goodbye and have moved on. You have to find the courage to move on with your life.

Relationship expert Dr. Jeff Gardere in a chat with Marlo Thomas of Huffington Post, lists thee simple ways people can get over their exes after a breakup.\

1. Find something healthy to get obsessed with:  Dr Gardere says find a hobby. Turn your heart and mind towards something more entertaining.

2. Don't stop making yourself happy: Always believe in your ability. One failed relationship doesn't define who you are. You can't say you are nothing without them, you were something before they came along.

3. Avoid things, situations that remind you of them: Don't put yourself on the spot. Find other places you never went together, try some new experiences. Don't go to places where you are likely to run into your ex.

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