10 things you should never text a guy

Breaking up with someone via a text is one of the big no-no’s of texting etiquette


Texting is such a quick, easy and cheap way of communicating that, for many people, it has become their main way of connecting to people.

Texting, though, doesn’t come without its own hazards and potential drawbacks. It’s impossible to convey a tone of voice in a text, so words can look hard and cold, when they aren’t meant to be and, it’s easy to send off a text without thinking it through properly when you are angry, or had too much drink.

When you are texting a man, you have to be particularly careful, because men don’t generally use texts as much as women, so they are not as familiar with text terms and abbreviations.

If you are a textaholic and love sending texts, you might do well to read these ten texts that should never send to a guy.


1. Personal secrets

Remember that you can never be sure who has your man’s phone in their hands when you send him a text, so don’t text him any personal or intimate secrets that you would be embarrassed if someone else read. He could have left his phone on his desk at work or he could have lent it to a friend to use. Some people are just plain nosey and they will take a sneaky peak at someone else’s text messages out of curiosity.

2. Don’t send all your personal details in a text

If you want to give a guy your address, then tell him on the phone, don’t text it to him. For similar reasons as our first point, you don’t want your picture and your home details falling into the wrong hands. If his phone has been stolen, then you will have no idea who you may have just invited round for drinks this evening!

3. “We need to talk”


If you send these words to a man, then you might as well have sent him a text saying “It’s over”, because that’s what he is most likely to be thinking. Even if he doesn’t think that this is what you meant by it, “We need to talk” sounds urgent and official. It sounds like, whatever the topic of the conversation is going to be, it’s certainly not going to be pleasant.

4. “Why haven’t you replied yet?”

There is a whole host of texts like this that you could send and upset a man including: “Are you ignoring me?”, “Didn’t you get my last text?” and “Please reply”. Not everyone has their phone in front of their eyes twenty four hours of the day. Follow-up text messages are really annoying, he’s probably just busy or waiting for a quiet moment when he can talk to you properly. Be patient, he’ll get back to you when he can.

5. “Are you nearly here yet?”

If you’ve ever known anyone who does this, then you’ll understand just how annoying it is. You are running late, you know that you are running late and, guess what? You have to be even later, because you have to pull over, stop the car, just so you can tell the person that you are meeting that you are running late! If he is ten minutes late, then give him a break. Your texting won’t get him there any quicker.


6. Sarcasm doesn’t work in a text

Like we said in our introduction, no one can hear the tone of your voice in a text message. What you meant to be a sarcastic or funny message can easily be read in the entirely wrong way, when it is read quickly on a phone. Be careful, or you will spend all your time explaining that you were only joking really.

7. “Sorry, but it’s over”

Breaking up with someone via a text is one of the big no-no’s of texting etiquette. If he’s not expecting it, then hearing the news is going to be bad enough, without it coming in the form of cold and blunt text. If it is time to end a relationship, then do it properly and do it face to face. It’s just cowardly to do it remotely by text and it will be even more hurtful than it needs to be for your ex.

8. No sexting with face in the pic


Just like sending your home address in a text, do you really want everyone in the world to be able see your face in an intimate photograph of you? You might trust your man one hundred percent, but you still can’t be sure where his phone and your pictures might end up someday. What’s even worse is that those images of you could end up on the internet and go viral as well.

9. “What have you been up to?”

This text is going to smack of two possible things. Either you are desperate to see him again or you don’t trust him! “How was your day?”, would be a far better way to find out what he’s been doing recently and it won’t have him thinking that you are checking up on him.

10. “Do you really love me?”

You really shouldn’t ever send a text like this, because this does sound clingy and desperate. Guys do like their space sometimes and they hate the thought of being pushed into saying things. If he loves he’ll tell you when he’s ready, and he probably won’t do it by text.




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