5 mature ways to end a relationship

Break ups are always messy, but sometimes, you just have to do it

  • Be crystal

Be absolutely sure and analyze all possible subtle signs and red flags in your relationship before you finally decide to break up. Avoid any talk on that remote possibility that you may one-day cross paths and find a way back together in the future because this will just give them false hope.

  • Shut it and seal it

Make sure there is closure. If you’re honest about yourself, that you don’t see a future with them, then tell them that it’s absolutely over and that they should move on with their lives without you.

  • Make it personal

It’s very immature to break up with someone via text, call, instant messages or direct message on social media.  Ending a romantic relationship doesn’t mean you are enemies. Gather the courage to break up with them face to face and move on with your lives.

  • Anger management

Don’t break up with someone out of anger. This will just end up very badly, with nasty words thrown against each other, and when the anger fades, you may still end up in love with them. However, with all that’s been said and done, they may not feel the same anymore.

  • Brutal Honesty

Honesty is key in every relationship but some things are better not said especially when you are breaking up with them. It’s better to sugarcoat the reasons why you are breaking up with them than crush their ego or spoil them for future relationships by being too brutally honest.


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