5 signs that he doesn’t care about you

If he doesn't call you back and you know he is not that busy, it is a sign that he doesn't care about you.

He just doesn't have time for you

He always makes excuses after weeks of planning for an event. He even forgets special occasions like birthday, anniversary, first kiss and other memorable moments as a couple.

But yet, each time they make plans, even in the last minute, they expect you to drop everything and be there for them.

He doesn’t listen to you

Any man who does listen to you doesn’t care about you. He interrupts you whenever you are talking about important matters affecting your relationship. He doesn’t value your relationship again, there are other things that are of more importance to him now.

You are often blamed

He doesn’t reciprocate your love and affection. No matter what you do and the commitments you show in the relationship, it always goes unnoticed.

And on the other hand, the least mistake you make, he will constantly remind you every opportunity they get.

He doesn’t call or text you

He simply wants to know he doesn’t care about you. He won’t call you back or send you a text. 'I was in a meeting or I forgot about it'; flimsy excuses from guys to hint you are not special to him.

He doesn’t fear to lose you

He just doesn’t care where you go or whom you move with. He has stopped checking up on you and taking you to lunch.

And at times, he makes  bold statements in arguments like “I know you’ll never find someone as good as me” or “You know I’m too good for you!”


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