5 ways to let go of your pain and resentment after separation

The best thing you can do for yourself if you want to move forward is to let things go


Getting a divorce is one of the hardest decisions to make especially when children are involved. At times like this, piling up resentment and anger could kill you faster than the divorce itself. The best thing you can do for yourself if you want to move forward is to let things go.

According to Huffington Post, here are five ways to let it go:

Stop getting angry: People who live happily after getting divorces are anger-free. It doesn't mean you won't feel it at times due to the trouble and hurt that comes with the divorce process but letting it build up will boomerang just as soon as it has outlived it usefulness. Taking charge of your life and focusing on something more useful could be the first step to stopping yourself from building up anger.

Avoid people who are against you: The divorce process isn't an easy one to handle and you'll need support from your loved ones. Those who weren't with you during those difficult times should be crossed off your list, channel your love towards people who support you.

Fear: Fear just like anger is an just an emotion and it's needed for basic survival. Find out what brings out the fear in you and determine if it's real or it's just you not wanting to desert your comfort zone. The truth is, you need to face what you fear the most for you to accomplish what you've never done before.

Identifying your bad habits: The list is endless with few examples like jealousy, envy, gluttony, lust, pride. These habits will leave you stagnated, rather let them go and replace them with worthy virtues.

White elephant properties: The title explains itself. Take out the things you don't need, give it to the poor, auction them or do with it anything that  makes it look like you've touched someone's life.


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