True love is not waiting for you anywhere. You can look for it all your life and won’t find it until you have accepted that true love is created from within yourself.

It is decision you take every day to be kind to yourself and to the person you have decided to share your life with. For true love to exist, there need to be one hundred percent self-love. You must be open to learning more about yourself and be completely loving and accepting who you are, including all your flaws.

When you are in love with yourself and you know how to be kind and gentle with yourself every day, you teach your partner how to love you and you begin to master how to show love and kindness to other people.

To be able to receive love from others in the most nourishing way, you first need to learn how to give yourself love. So, true love just doesn’t happen, it is predestined. It is a choice you have to make and it is real hard work. Work that never ends. Every day when you wake up, you have to resolve to give and receive love.

Love only hurts when it is misunderstood. True love shouldn’t hurt so much. Your source of happiness shouldn’t be outside of yourself.  If you place your happiness in a thing, an idea or another person, you undermine the foundation of your existence. You are enough, you have all it takes to be truly happy.

Once you realize that, you will also find that as humans, we have the need to make connections. When we say we are in love, we are also saying that we have found someone we want to share our complete self with. If you haven’t learned to love and accept your complete self, how could you truly be in love?

All of us have a need to love and be loved. Our greatest expectation of where to receive love, however, should be from ourselves.

When we learn to ask ourselves each day, how we can do better at loving ourselves, we free ourselves to share and receive love from the people around us and we enable our partners to truly love us.

Love in all its forms says the same thing, I am here for you, no matter what. Once you are a fully grown adult, you have to be there for yourself no matter what and that is how you create true love and share it with your partner.

Source: By Dormaa Yeboah