20 Things that make up the perfect partner

He freely apologises after an argument and has make-up sex with you

20 Things that make up the perfect partner

If you were wondering what makes the perfect man, Beaverbrooks has come up with the list of top 20 most yearned for attributes in a partner.

We take a look at why they are so darn important.

He cheers youup- When your period plays havoc with your emotions and your pain threshold, he knows to bring you chocolate, hot water bottles and chick flicks or you will vomit green slime in his direction in true Exorcist style.

He knows your likes/dislikes- You like it when he gives you your way, you don't like it when he uses the word 'no.'


He's not scared to be affectionate in public- He likes going into libraries but has no interest in reading.

He's supportive of your goals- Like when you want to lose weight and insist on a banquet of take-out food the night before you start your new diet.

He knows when you need space-When you give him the 'death stare' just because he's near you and he's breathing- he knows to go to a different room in the house or out for a walk with the dog-yet you have no dog.

He consults you over big decisions- Like what you're going to order at dinner so you don't overlap and can try each other's.

He can cook a mean roast dinner- The day before work is depressing but somehow his offering of a plate of gravy laden carbs is the one thing that will cheer you up on work week eve.


He can make you laugh more than anyone- Almost to the point of peeing your pants but not quite because you're still young enough to have control. When you reach a ripe old age- wet patches will be commonplace.

He freely apologises after an argument- And has make-up sex with you- win-win.

He won't talk about arguments with friends/family- What happens in your house stays in your house- if only they knew what you both got up to behind closed doors- their heads would explode.

He discusses the future- What you're doing at the weekend, his next bowel movement, when you need to stop worrying about birth control- that sort of thing.

He tells it like it is - no mind games- If an item of clothing doesn't show your figure off to its best- he'll tell you. Although he prefers it when you're naked anyway so it may be a conflict of interest.


He doesn't keep secrets from you - If he's farted- he'll own up.

He has his own interests-He can game while you read a book, he will happily watch TV while you take a bath, he enjoys peens- a match made in heaven.

He gets on with your friends- Some even try flirting with him but you know he's coming home with you, except when you've had wine- then you think he's flirting back.

He offers lifts if you need to get somewhere- You get out the car looking super-hot so he'll text you all night and wait up for you when you get home.

He's approved of by parents/siblings- Sometimes you fear they will disown you and adopt him instead.


He finds the same things annoying that you do- Like waiting at meal times, Sunday nights and when you forget to take your pill.

He knows when to bend the truth andwhen to be brutally honest- When you've put on a few pounds- rather than calling you 'fat'- he tells you he likes his 'muffin with a bit more top'.

He doesn't watch ahead on box-sets without you- It's a form of cheating- there's no other word for it.



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