How to make love: 7 best tips to have incredible rainy season sex

The cold days and nights are just the perfect time to increase the heat in our sex lives.

The weather has indeed taken a turn for good, and quite a number of people are really loving it. The cold days and nights are just the perfect time to increase the heat in our sex lives.

Literally, any hope of getting cold out of our systems will mean heating up the bedroom or using any other warm place you can get, for the purpose of achieving as much fun and warmth as possible out of the season.

The rainy season is one of those seasons that give people, that extra turn-on for some action in between bed sheets.

Below are important reasons why everybody should wait for this special season of love.

  1. Start the wet season by indulging in Indoor sex. Do this by exploring the different corners of your house aside from your bedroom. Be sure to make love in other sections of the house including your kitchen, library, sitting room, bathroom, staircase and any other areas that catch your fancy. This will increase your and your spouse’s adrenaline rush, which will, in turn, boost up more steamy activities during this period. Try taking precaution by ensuring you’re in the clear to have intercourse in areas devoid of privacy, as the heat and the steam is more than enough to see you through the remaining part of the season.
  2. The bedroom sex seems to be the cliché stuff to do in this season. But you actually can bring a lot of fun and excitement to bedroom sex with every bit of creativity. Your natural adrenaline rush is going to be limited because this is a frequent thing but, that can be activated by spicing up the lovemaking with creative dresses, role plays and styles. Settle for sexual positions that will leave you and your partner feeling more bonded. The fun all these will bring to the bedroom copulation will be more than worth it.
  3. If you are a couple that is into sex toys, it will be time, therefore, to incorporate it into your sexual encounters this season. Do make use of water-proof sex toys which you can dip into warm water and put to use during playtime. With your body and that of your man feeling cold, getting teased on the skin and erogenous zones with a warm sex toy, will do a lot to stimulate an erotic chill throughout your body that will really turn you on, and probably send you way over the edge.
  4. This is the best period ever to employ hot and sweaty quickies in order to keep both you and your partner warmed up. No matter where you want to get your fantasies, whether indoor or outdoor, just know that quickies can always get you sweaty as a result of the rush of adrenaline that comes with it. So whenever and wherever you have the need for sex, allow it to come quickly, randomly and passionately this season. As you know, you might get cold this time of the year, so take advantage of quickies to get warm and sweaty.
  5. With the weather blowing so much cool breeze around, it might be the right time to try out some tantric sex. This is a slow form of sex that is said to increase intimacy and create a mind and body connection. It also leads to powerful orgasms.
  6. Just between the warm quickies and bedroom copulation, you might want to savour each and every moment of your sexual activity which can really help to prolong orgasms.
  7. You might have believed that your spouse is very hot and sexy, and you cannot wait to bring out the inner tiger/tigress in you. The cold season is a perfect time to get aggressive, using lustful sex positions to encourage your sex drive, to hit the roof with the dull weather; thus, making you want to keep warm. What better time than now to charge the heat with animalistic sex. Hit the bed, experiment more with relaxed, slower-paced sex and enjoy the joys of intense exploration.


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