How to forget the one who broke your heart

You will heal from your broken heart. Just follow these steps

Get in touch with your emotions

Admit to yourself what you are going through and take in the pain.

Don’t communicate with them.

Cut all forms of communications with them and focus on yourself.

Keep focused on the here and now.

Live in the moment. Do not shut yourself up from the world just because of one person. Give yourself the chance to live again.

Take up new hobbies

Find something new to enjoy. Take up swimming or a dance class. This is the time to try that project you have been afraid to tackle.

Stay positive

The world did not end because your heart got broken. Stay positive there are good people out there and you will meet them.

Write down the reasons why you want to forget them

Writing is therapeutic so write down point by point why you need to forget the person.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

surround yourself with those you can trust and ask for help when you need it. It doesn’t mean you are weak. We all need support systems to bring us back on our feet when we fall.

Make peace with the mistakes you made

It is very common to reflect on the things you did which may have contributed to the heart break. But you need to forgive yourself.

Be kind to yourself

Don’t be hard on yourself during this period. You are all you have so be kind to yourself and drive yourself into a place where it will be difficult to come back from.

Get rid of reminders 

Get rid of the photos, clothes, anything which keeps the memories coming back. Move on and make new memories.


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