As soon as we hit puberty, conversations revolving around crushes and getting into a relationship are endless. So much so that it seems like finding a significant other is an absolute must if you want to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Those who are single can’t help but feel left out due to peer pressure and at a later stage in life, even pressure from their parents to get hitched. However, long gone are those days when an individual who isn’t in a relationship is perceived as sad and lonely or in desperate need of ‘love’. Though a good relationship can add a lot of meaning and pleasure to one’s life, we often tend to overlook the other side of the coin or the pros of being single. These are the 10 reasons why it is awesome to stay single:

1. You are your own person. You aren’t answerable to anyone and nor do you constantly have to think about another person’s wants and needs while you’re trying to pursue your own goals, which will make it easier for you to concentrate on what matters the most to you  whether it is your job, family or dream to travel the world.

2. You learn how to be alone and not feel lonely. You’re not uncomfortable with the idea of spending time with yourself or going on a solo trip because by being single, you have learned how to have new experiences without depending on another person.

3. You are not defined by another person or your partner’s accomplishments. Instead, you get the opportunity to build your own unique identity that others know you for instead of just being someone’s significant other.

4. Let’s face it, being in a relationship makes it difficult to save money because of the countless dates and obligations to buy gifts for your partner on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, their birthday, Diwali, Christmas, etc. The list of expenses is almost never-ending.

5. You have sufficient time to pursue new hobbies you have wanted to pick up because of all the free time you have on your hands after work.

6. You don’t have to sit glued to your phone all day long. When you’re not in a relationship, there’s no need to stay awake till late hours texting or talking to your partner. Being single gives you the opportunity not to be your phone’s slave and hence, you can be more productive. Also, no hefty phone bills!

7. Being single means you are solely responsible for your own happiness, which is a good thing. You need not rely on another person to fulfill your emotional requirements or needs.

8. Since you’re not in a relationship that consumes most of your time, you can invest more time in building deep bonds and friendships with your former school or college mates or even a colleague or acquaintance you tend to get along with.

9. This might be a shallow reason, but you can flirt with whoever you want over Whatsapp, Facebook or even in real life without feeling guilty about it or dealing with a jealous partner.

10. And last but not the least, since you’re single you don’t have to deal with the risk of getting stuck in a mediocre relationship that only adds more stress to your life. And nor do you have to go through the hassle of breaking up with anyone or worse, getting dumped!