Everyone has that go-to move for when you want an easy roll in the hay satisfaction guaranteed.

Adjusting your favourite sex position can help you experience even more pleasure, get out of a rut, and help you embrace your creative side, she says.

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Try: The Twist and Shout

While you’re lying on your back, cross one of your legs over your body as though you’re stretching your lower back. Then, have your partner straddle the leg that is still extended and lower himself into you while holding the crossed-over leg at a 90-degree angle, says sexologist Michelle Hope. "This allows for deep penetration," says Hope.

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Try :For deeper sex

Bend over as far as you can for more depth. Then, angle your butt back toward him so he can make more contact with your G-spot, says Queen. "Spreading your legs will also support deeper penetration.

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Try: Thigh Master

This is a great position for you to exert some control. Start by straddling him, then have him bend one knee. Turn toward that knee, and wrap your legs around it with him inside of you. "Try touching your clit while riding him to boost your arousal," says Holbrook.