Have a game plan

To to be a good teammate, you have to bring to the game a plan that plays to your strengths. Don't get carried away, though; there is no winning or losing in the game of marriage.

You just have to strategize and churn out ideas that will ensure peace, stability, and love in the marriage.

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Marriage life is always clouded with uncertainties and unprecedented events and as a teammate, you must always have a backup plan to weave your way out of any predicament that pops up to disturb the stability of your union. You must always put your mind to the ultimate goal of seeing your union grow, and that means always being alert and thinking on your feet for yourself and for your partner.

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Be a real teammate

Being a good teammate means fitting into the shoes of your spouse. Try to understand your partner, carry their burdens and help them overcome them peacefully.

As the saying goes, "love always finds a way".  The process of sharing responsibilities connects partners in a unique way and spices up the relationship.

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Keep practising

Practicing on a daily basis shapes your strengths to the ultimate benefit of your marital union. Cultivate your love, tolerance and selflessness amongst other critical marital values every day to stay on top of your game.

Find new ways to develop your skills and never stop trying to be better for your partner.

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Up your game

Don't ever rest on your oars, don't ever sit back, even when the marriage seems all fine and rosy. Things happen. Times change. And so up your game, all the time, so you are never caught off guard.

It is only by seeking improvement constantly that you can always stay ahead and on top of issues in your marriage.