18 Ways a man should make his woman feel

Look into her eyes with passion, stare at her, thirst and hunger for her, notice her efforts to look beautiful, pay attention


It is the man who woos a woman, pursues her and asks her to be his woman, and then his wife. When she falls for his advances and becomes his woman, he is responsible for her heart. He should make her feel…

1. “Special” Treat her better than other woman, make her your priority, she shouldn’t share you with another woman.

2. “Thought of” Think of her when making your decisions, check up on her, keep communication alive, anticipate her needs.

3. “Blessed” Treat her so good, add so much value in her life, make her happy to the point she and others who know her call her blessed.


4. “Desired” Look into her eyes with passion, stare at her, thirst and hunger for her, notice her efforts to look beautiful, pay attention.

5. “Missed” Ask to meet her, tell her you miss her when she’s away, look for her, don’t make her look for you but you look for her, find out her schedule and fit yourself in it, make plans with her.

6. “Protected” She can protect herself, she is a grown up. But use your arms to hold her, stand up for her, roar at any man or woman who tries to harm her, check if she’s reached home safely, ask if she has eaten.

7. “Respected” Don’t talk down at her, make decisions with her, listen to her opinion, don’t insult her, treat her maturely.

8. “Sexy” Each woman is sexy, but she feels even more sexy when her man finds her sexy and wants her. Have eyes for only her, praise her body, study her curves, notice her dressing.


9. “Proud” Succeed in your profession, do great things in life, be admirable in society, be a man of character that she is proud to be your woman. Make her brag ‘That’s my man’.

10. “Safe” Her position in your life should never be in doubt, she should never feel uncertain about a future with you, calm her fears, make her secure.

11. “Pleasured” Know how to touch her, ignite sensations on her skin, on her lips. On the marriage bed, give her the most amazing sex, make her body hot, make love to her the best way.

12. “Forgiven” If she wrongs you, forgive her and don’t keep reminding her of her past mistakes.

13. “Confident” Don’t belittle her, don’t mock her if she doesn’t know something, no one in this world knows it all. Empower her with your belief in her, your faith in her will inspire her.


14. “Excited” She should look forward to seeing you, receiving your phone call, being with you because you are good company.

15. “Needed” What is the point of her having a man if she will feel lonely or irrelevant? Involve her in your issues, open up to her, be vulnerable, reveal to her your weaknesses, ask for her help.

16. “Supported” Find out what is close to her heart, what she is passionate about, her dreams, and support her. Be there when she needs someone, be strong for her.

17. “Hopeful” Let her look ahead and see clearly a future with you, a bright future to look forward to.

18. “Peaceful” When you love her well, she will be at peace. Be a good steward of her heart.


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