A wedding ceremony in Saudi Arabia took a sudden turn for the worst when a bride had insisted that she would return to work after getting married which was strongly opposed by the groom and his family.

The Saudi bride and groom had started the wedding proper and were about to sign the marriage contract when the woman had raised the issue of returning to work which caused a heated argument between the couple's parents.

According to Arab News, a source revealed that “When things started going out of control, the court officials requested both the parties to resolve the matter calmly. To everybody’s shock, the groom’s family walked away without any further discussion.”

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The bride's mother fainted as a result of the shock she got when the groom and his family stormed out of the wedding premises.

A court official said, “Although they were engaged, the couple did not meet or communicate with each other in keeping with the Middle East tradition.”

The official said that such incidents, which have become common, and can be avoided if parents gather all the information and share the willingness of the couple before fixing the wedding date.

Abeer M., a social worker, said most of the Saudi men don’t go for too independent and self-confident women. “They rather prefer a housewife. Although the culture is changing, the tradition is still the same.”

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She said: “There has been an increase in the number of highly educated women with good jobs, who are considered overage. This is one of the reasons for the sharp rise in the number of spinsterhood in the Kingdom,” she said.

An accountant, Afrah Ahmed said that Saudi men are men of two mentalities - "some don’t like women going out and working, while some don’t mind them working, but can’t tolerate wife in a higher position."

“With a change in lifestyle and rising prices, it is important that both husband and wife work to fulfill the needs,” she said.