15 Ghanaians describe how it feels to have an orgasm

Sex without orgasm is incomplete.

Sex without orgasm is incomplete. Ideally,  a woman must have multiple orgasms during the foreplay even before the main act.

Sex is best experienced however, you must have an idea of what it feels like if you find yourself in that pleasant situation. Understanding pleasure will help you to respect your body and yourself.


Now, for the moment you've been waiting for, here is what it feels to have an orgasm as shared by 15 Ghanaians.

  • That moment when you realize all your favorite food at the buffet is free of charge.
  • That moment when you feel lighter than air.
  • Orgasm is the peak satisfaction of sex.
  • Feel like you want to urinate but more of sweet pain.
  • An epileptic feeling when it is a great 10\10 orgasm.
  • Better than
  • It’s a nice feeling, you feel like you are in space.
  • It feels like somebody took your soul out.
  • It is one kind of a feeling that takes you out of the world.  For that moment you become the happiest person on earth.
  • You wish it’s endless.
  • A tingling feeling which usually starts from the clitoris and builds up into your abdomen.
  • It is like skydiving in a parachute.
  • Remember the first time, you tried grilled honey sausages. That feeling of bliss and taste of deliciousness. That is what it feels to have an orgasm.
  • Orgasm is just like eating chocolate cake during a massage.
  • At the moment when your head is spinning and your body is shaking uncontrollably.


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