To fight for your love, follow these simple rules if you want to date someone in your office.

Most offices are against dating colleagues because of the messiness that arises when lovers separate on bad terms. It affects individual performance and the overall output expected by investors.

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Dating outside your department helps to maintain the professional distance in the office. Unless it a general meeting involving all departments, your paths will cross probably in the office space on the staircase or reception.

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Don’t share your good news with your colleagues until you are confident that you and your partner have a future together. Get your family involved, and once you are ready to walk down the aisle, you can inform your supervisors, HR and colleagues at work.

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You must be willing to obey your partner’s rules, commands and diligently execute any tasks given us if he or she is your superior in the office. You can be the dominatrix in the bedroom, but when it comes to the office, your partner is in charge as he must give him or her the necessary respect in front of others.

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Discuss your petty issues at home; don’t bring your anger from home to the office. Don’t argue with your partner especially in front of other colleagues. Try to keep your love life distinct from your work; it helps in the direct and quick flow of information from one end to the other when needed.

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Establish boundaries with your co-worker cum partner. The office isn’t the place to show flirtatiously signs at the sight of each other. Don’t use office hours to build your romance, have a long conversation over lunch or disappear for hours without permission.

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Lovers are ideally supposed to support each other's ideas especially in the midst of others but this cliché that does not fit when partners in the same team. In the office, there is a team which is more than just of two and workers are required to give their expert opinions about situations not choose sizes.