I have been thinking about anal sex a lot lately, don’t ask why, so I decided to read up on it. Obviously, I am an anal virgin but many of my close friends swear that it is the most pleasurable thing. Pleasure is good but is anal sex dangerous?

Yes it is, only if you don’t take some precautions like you need to in any kind of sexual act. But No it isn’t, if you take time to learn how to go about it. Unlike the vagina, the rectum has no natural lubricants. Therefore if you want to try anal sex, it is advised that you use plenty of lube. Stop immediately if it hurts, I know some people like some pain during sex but if this is your first time, take it easy.

Furthermore, HIV is easily spread through anal sex, so be sure to use a latex glove on your hand or condom on any sex toys you use. Regrettably, the anus is not like the vagina, there's no “end” to your rectum, and things really can get lost up there. You just have to be careful.

According to some friends of mine who love anal sex, sometimes sh*t happens, literally.  So, you’ve got to prepare for surprises!

Also remember that the anus has bacteria that can cause illness, so clean your sex toys with disinfectant soap after anal play, even if you use a condom. Never should you allow bacteria from the anus to enter the vagina. Never move penis, hand, or sex toy from anus to the vagina or mouth.

Really, don’t do it even in the heat of the moment. It is not hot, it is not sexy. It is dangerous and it’s not worth it, by all means enjoy anal sex but do it right.

“Anal sex is considered a high-risk sexual practice, and unprotected anal sex is the riskiest of all forms of sexual intercourse. The hazards are due to the vulnerability of the tissues, as the penetration of the anus may cause tearing and bleeding of the soft tissues, and can damage the sphincter muscles, causing incontinence and anal prolapsed.

Like any kind of sex, anal sex can be safe/safer, the choice is yours, and it is really up to you. Do what is safe and stay healthy and alive or disregard all safety precautions and add up to the statics. You know you are precious, right? Get in the right way and get out safe!

By Eyram Kuwornu