10 tips on how to be a gentleman

Here are a few rules and regulations on how to be a gentleman, not a ''Fuckboy''


Its not uncommon to hear many ladies these days, complain that guys are no longer acting in the gentlemanly fashion. The general rules of society have been bent so much that manners that were once thought of as outlandish and uncouth, are slowly becoming acceptable. Even among the upper circle.

This however does not mean there aren't those who still uphold the most ideal standards of society and interpersonal relations. A careful look would reveal there are some who still display the most polished and sophisticated manners, setting themselves apart from the norm with their ability to compose and conduct themselves properly in public.

Below are a few tips to help the guys, display some of the simplest geneltman behaviours, and not end up portraying themselves as what youths today call ''Fuckboys".

Rule #1: Yelling unnecesarily is totally unacceptable. In a case where calmness won't work, let actions speak for you (no violence).

Rule #2: Chivalry is not dead. Chivalrous acts like opening the door for the lady, or offering her your seat, definitely sets apart the gents from the rascals.

Rule #3: Be a man of your word! Don’t make promises you can’t keep or commit only to bail with no real explanation. Stand by your word! Not everyone might like this, but you won't be called a liar. Which is far worse.

Rule #4: Always be polite and sensitive when sharing your opinion. Even when the other person is sounding idiotic and absolutely insane, what sets you apart is how you either explain things, or walk away from the conversation.

Rule #5:  Handle rejection with grace and courtesy. Know when to throw in the towel and not pester a woman who has repeatedly rebuffed your advances.

Rule #6: Cat calls and groping are unnecessary and considered rude. No lady likes it when a guy does it to her or taps her butt,

Rule #7: Stalking in real life and on social media is totally wrong.

Rule #8: Except she requests to see how big your member is, do not send her a picture of your penis. Even if she does, request for a private viewing instead of setting ypourself up for blackmail.

Rule #9: There is no excuse to hit a woman! Even if she hits you. Its better to run from an angry woman and be called a sissy than to stand and beat one up, landing yourself in jail.

Rule #10: Contrary to societal belief, it's not advised to lead with machismo and brute forces… Better to learn to invest time for love and healing and compassion. It won’t make you soft; it’ll make you influential!


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