9 tips on how to seduce your crush this Christmas

You can never seduce a man if you are shy to approach him.

  • Give him a massage with hot oils

There is no a Ghanaian man would ever refuse a massage. Strip him naked, slather him up with oils, and in no time I am sure he’ll be ready to go.

It takes two to tango. Be creative and take off your clothes halfway through. And with your hands slowly working their way down his body, there’s no way he can resist.

  • Slip into something sexy

Some men are easily turned on when they see women in racy outfits showing off ample cleavage. Wear your favorite sexy lingerie and walk flirtatiously in the house to get him into the mood.

Get yourself a glass of red wine with strawberry and try playing with it. It will surely arouse him even if he is sending an important email to his boss.

  • Put some sexy music on

Dim the lights, select the ‘dirtiest’ playlist you can ever think off. Go down the memory down and recreate your honeymoon. You can add your wedding song or the song that was playing for your first time whatever the case, his mind will go back to how much he wanted it then and that will definitely inspire him now.

  • Kiss him very slowly and leave him wanting more

Lean in very close and give him a long, slow kiss and then walk away without another word. He will be stunned and curious to know what else you have in store for him. This sexy gesture is sure to arouse him!

  • Tell him all the things you want him to do to you

Whisper slowly in his ear exactly what you want him to do to you in the bedroom. If you want to go a step further, show him a picture of exactly what you want to practice. He will begin visualizing giving you multiple orgasms as you spank and kiss him passionately. He’ll carry you off that couch and head to the bed straight away!

  • Put on his favorite perfume

If you want to break the bed, just spritz on on some of his favorite perfume and watch him kiss your neck down to your ‘kingdom’. Not only will he be attracted to the smell, he will also appreciate that you’re subtly trying to get him in the mood.

  • Turn off the distractions

Some men are easily distracted quite. Make sure your close the laptop and turn off all mobile phones, games or anything that could be taking his attention away from you. It will prevent him from leaving you halfway when you are squirting.

  • Be demanding

Men love women who are able to take charge of bed. Before the big day, go online and learn some daring sex positions that will blow his mind. Men find dominatrix very attractive and skillful. This will force him to stay with you to see what you have in store for him.

  • Snuggle up close and put his hands right where you want them

Foreplay gratifies the act of lovemaking. Ideally, it should begin and end the sexual intercourse.

After relaxing for some minutes, get really close to him, have a minute or two of snuggling, and then slowly take his hands and put them right where you want them. Then you talk about the marathon and discuss ways to improve your sex life.


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