10 things guys do when they are crazy about you

Guys have fears and worries just like girls, even if there is no way they’ll admit this when you two first get together.

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It’s not always easy to know when a guy is in love with us for real. But there are certain things he starts doing differently that gives him away.

“How did you know I was in love with you, baby?”

“Because you literally just jumped off a cliff.”

“Oh yeah! Damn, I wondered if that would give me away.”

Being in love is exciting – there is no better feeling. But how about all the confusion and worry that precedes being in love? You know how it is. You’re crazy about him, but you just can’t figure out if he’s crazy about you.

It’s tough. But there is an easy way of finding out if he loves you. Guys, without even realising it, have at least ten “tells” that let you know they’re crazy about you. In other words, they start acting really strange …

They’ll Pick You Up From Work

URGH! It’s been another long day at work, and you’re so not in the mood for the commute home. You really don’t want to have to deal with all that traffic. And it’s raining. Obviously!

But, look! There’s your man! He’s parked up, waiting for you.

You walk over, excited but curious.

“What are you doing here?” you ask.

“Thought I’d pick you up and take you out tonight,” he says with a smile.

You try to play it cool. But you can’t stop beaming. As it turns out, he’s frigging crazy about ya!

They Follow You Everywhere

Okay, no, they don’t follow you around in a really creepy, stalker-ish way. But all of a sudden, they’re ready to accompany you everywhere – even on shopping trips!

So weird. One moment you couldn’t get him off his video game, and now he’s ready to be at your beck and call.

And he’s definitely willing to be by your side if he finds out you’re thinking of popping to the shops with another guy instead.

He’s keen, he’s eager – he’s crazy about you!

They Talk About The Future

Usually, it’s really difficult to get a guy to talk about the future. Whether they’re blasting zombies on their video games or shouting at their favourite sports teams, guys often prefer to live in the moment.

The only future they care about is the future of their takeaway delivery guy. Where is he and why is he taking so long?

But once they’re in love with you, they suddenly start seeing into the future.

And they tend to get really ambitious.

Like, guys see it all. They see yachts, sunshine, islands, penthouses …

Fortunately, they also see you in there.

They’ll Let You Dress Them

You know what it’s like when you first get together with him. You like him, find him attractive and think he’s cool … but his dress sense if just so off.

Guys aren’t always the best at dressing themselves (sorry guys!), and it sometimes seems that they just don’t care if they look a bit scruffy.

Many girls can’t wait for the chance to dress their men, but since guys think they’re the worlds best dressers, we usually don’t get this opportunity.

If he’s crazy about you, however, he’ll be a lot less protective about his clothes. And he’ll be open to you choosing shirts for him.

They Respect Your Opinion

Guys – unknowingly – can be a little bit disregarding of our opinions at first. It’s as though our opinions don’t matter as much as those of his best buddy who once drank 30 beers in one night and ran naked into an old peoples’ home.

As though we’re not as mature in our thoughts and advice as that guy.


But if a man is crazy about you, he’ll actually start respecting your opinions.

Not just this, but he’ll even start asking for it!

Yup, you’re such a big part in his life now that he comes to you before making any kind of critical decision. He wants your advice, and there’s a good chance that he’ll take it on-board.

They Have Eyes Only For You

A hot waitress just walked by and your man didn’t even so much as bat an eyelid. What gives?!

They Open Up About Their Fears

You know what it’s like. He’s tough, plays it cool and nothing phases him.

Indeed, the only thing that scares him is the kitchen.

“If I go in there, I’ll literally DIE.”

But as the relationship progresses, guys will become much more open about what’s on their mind. And if they’re in love with you, they’ll actually talk to you about their fears.

As it turns out, guys do have just as many worries and fears as we do. And their biggest one?

“I’m so scared of losing you.

They’ll Be There For You When You’re Sick

Sick tonight? If you’ve not been dating long, there’s a chance he’ll just pass on seeing you and go out with his buddies instead. You might not be happy about that, but hey, no one’s really committed just yet and he doesn’t want cooties.

If, however, he’s totally mad about you, he’ll come right over. And he’ll bring herbal tea, a movie and some flowers.

They Give It To You Straight

If a guy isn’t madly in love with you but just wants to get inside your pants, he’ll spend a lot of time telling you the things you want to hear, rather than the things you need to hear.

But once he cares passionately about you, he’ll be more direct. He’ll tell you the truth. If you need to believe in yourself more, he’ll tell you. If you need to start focusing a lot more on your career, he’ll tell you. If you need to stop being so lazy, he’ll tell you.

And you’ll be like, “Wow, gee. I kinda preferred it when you weren’t crazy about me.”

They Listen!

It’s so hard getting a guy to listen to you so that you know you have his undivided attention. Often, he’s so distracted that he goes and does the thing you just told him not to do.

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