4 things you should never say to a lady during sex

If you care about making your woman happy, stay away from these touchy topics during sex.

In the heat of sex, you could blurt out some awkward and crazy stuff which is mostly not intentional. But some of these statements are things that even the most laid-back ladies won't let slide.

Men get a little carried away by their sex hormones sometimes, but saying the wrong thing in bed can bring even the best time to a screeching halt. So trust us when we tell you to scratch these phrases from your bedroom vocabulary.

Pulse.com.gh brings you 4 things you should never say to a woman during sex.

1. "My ex usedto…"

Women are different, so leaning heavily on past experiences is wrong—and definitely not worth discussing it. She doesn’t need to hear about it, and if you bring it up, she’ll feel insecure and jealous.

2.Keep doing that, Adwoa—I mean, Agyeiwaa.”

Mistakenly calling her by another woman's name is entirely wrong. Who calls a lady by another woman's name in the heat of the moment? It will not end well for you two because it is such a mood killer.

3.“I wish you had more curves”

Women are extremely vulnerable and insecure when naked in front of you. Fantasising about other women’s bodies to her hearing is a big no, especially if your woman is not as curvy. All you will do is kill her libido by making her self-conscious.

4.“When will you come?” 

Truth is,a good or bad sex is not defined by an orgasm so, halt asking her if she is about to reach the climax yet. You put more pressure on her  by doing this. If she did reach the peak, she will know by herself, but it’s important for you to remember that for a woman having an orgasm does not equal having a good time in bed.


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