While cell phones make communicating easier than ever before, it could also pose a threat to your relationship.

Cell phones can be obsessive, if not addictive. It can damage a romantic relationship without you knowing.

Most of us cannot deny how obsessed we are with our phones. You can't help it. You need to be connected to the world 24/7.


The Instagram posts, the twitter moments, the hilarious Facebook comments, amazing Snapchat stories and all are the very things that have got many of us glued to our phones.

Sadly, we enter into relationships with the same addictive behavior. It's like having a third person around and it can make things confusing and complicated and fast.

Here are 4 reasons your cell phone is ruining your relationship.

1. You end up sharing too much.

It always starts by posting ‘selfies’ with your partner on social media most of the times then later, you feel obliged to keep up with your love life on social media with your phone.

But when you're sharing too much about your boyfriend on your phone's social media apps, that's a bad thing. It's going to piss him off eventually because he's going to wonder why nothing can be sacred and private anymore.

2. You ignore your partner

Most often, we subconsciously ditch our loved ones for our phones. We seize to recognize a perfect time to have a wonderful conversation because we spend much more time texting and following up the never-ending buzz on social media.

This eventually can ruin your relationship as much as you love your partner because the least attention he or she gets from another person is enough to build some attachment.

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3. Another ‘phone relationship’

You two could end up creating a big vacuum in your relationship as you two just practicing “phone love”.  Because communicating with your boyfriend without meeting face-to-face will cell phones. Both parties would just end up just texting each other which could be pretty bad in the long run.

4. It raises insecurities in relationships

Your addiction to your phone could spring up lots of trust issues and insecurities in your relationship. Being on your phone always could make your partner think there is another person in the picture. It could bring up many arguments and eventually ruin relationships.