Kissing in relationships goes beyond just the lip locking and tongue rolling moments, it fosters romantic compatibility between couples too.

It’s amazing how the little things in relationships bind couples more than the complex ones. Like Kisses, it eliminates insecurity in relationships than showering your lover with lavish gifts.

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Relationships experts even advocate for more kisses in relationships as they believe the more that people kiss, the more they're able to communicate on a romantic level.

1.Reduce conflict and stress

According to research, kissing changes the levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. This reduces conflict and stress as the more couples kiss, the longer they stay together as their stress levels get reduced each time.

2.  It makes romantic moments better

An intense, sensual kiss spurs arousal for heightened sexual pleasure. If a partner seems distant or not all there when you’re kissing, there might be just as much disconnection during sex. If the kiss is slow and passionate, lovemaking may be just as tender.

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3. Kissing can increase attraction

Kissing in relationships helps couples to bond more because it sparks intimacy and increases attraction due to its pleasurable feel.

4. Release Your Happy Hormones

Kissing prompts your brain to release a happy elixir of feel-good chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. This isn't only important for your happiness, it also may also help to strengthen your relationship.

5. Partner's Compatibility

A kiss can be a powerful yardstick of your partner’s compatibility. It is what cranks your initial attraction for your lover up a notch. Women, in particular, place more importance on kissing as a "mate measure device" and as a means of "initiating, maintaining and monitoring the current status of their relationship with a long-term partner.