5 signs she is using you to get over her ex

GUYS, If you are madly in love with her, then watch out for these signs because she has been playing you all this time.

If you are madly in love, then watch out for these signs because she is playing you. There is a probability she might get over her ex and stay faithful to you but it all depends on your charm and dating skills.

Whether you are in for fun or madly in love, you should know what you mean to her in the relationship

  • You’re moving fast… too fast

She told that she loves you just two weeks after meeting her. She has promised to introduce you to her best friends and family soon. She is the definition of a virtuous but she is moving too fast.

You barely know anything about her but she is talking about marriage plans and wants to know every little detail about your personal life and finances.

  • There’s a lot of sex involved

Sex is the easiest form of exercise according to experts. Sexual intercourse connects couples emotionally and physically. Just a few days after a painful breakup, some girls hook up with the next suitor just to make the ex-boyfriend very jealous.

They end up having more sex than usual, probably the only benefit of being the second fiddle.

  • They focus on making their ex-jealous

Broken hearted women often invite her new boyfriend to places where she used to hang out with her ex with a 50% chance of meeting him there.

Once she spots her ex, she tries so hard to have romance advances toward her new man just to make the ex very jealous. She shares her lovey-dovey photos on social media and adds encrypted captions directed at her ex.

  • She’s creeping them on social media

She is always online stalking her ex-partner. She wants to know if he has moved on, what is doing and who he is hanging out with. Why? Because she’s not over him.

  • You’re way better than her ex

‘What would I do without your love’ and many more compliments. She hails you for the least thing you do for her while saying bitter things about her ex. Everything you do is better than her ex. Her ex would never pay for dinner but see, you do and that’s why she likes you. She’s also not over him… if you get my hint


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