5 signs you are still in love with your ex

Check out five signs that shows you're definitely not over your ex.

There are obvious signs that people who know you well can easily deduce that you are still attached to your first love.

  • You follow him on social media

It’s time to move on with your life. If you voluntarily visit his profile once a day or once a week, it shows you still want to know what’s going on his life. Unfollow him on social media and work hard, stay fit and wait for the right guy.

  • You can’t stop referencing your ex in conversations

It’s okay to mention your ex’s name once a while when referring to a particular thing or situation. But stop comparing your ex to prospective suitors when you’re communicating with them. You still really excited when talking about them and everyone can tell you are blushing.

  • Purposely building relationships with people close to them than you

It’s okay to keep in touch with mutual friends you made during the relationship.

But if you are trying to get close to your ex’s family and friends after the breakup, you still care about him. You are probably trying to get close to him through the people in his life. You will get the opportunity to an inquiry about his lifestyle, projects and relationship status whether there is any chance to get back with him.

  • Going to places that your ex-frequents even if you don’t need to

If you’re intentionally hanging out at places where you will definitely meet your ex, then you are stalking him. This proves that you are still attached to him.


If you meet him at an event or shopping, that 's fair because you are no neutral grounds. Set your priorities right, edit the traits you look for in your Mr. Right and spend your time at places where you will find a good guy.

  • Becoming your ex’s dreamgirl

Now that he has left you, stop trying to wear his favorite colors.  If you are trying to look stylish to the standard that ex-holds, it shows his opinion still matter in your life. You appear weak and desperate to be with him.

When you hear about his new girlfriend, you try to emulate that person. People rarely notice that they are doing this or don’t admit it to themselves.


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