The start of every relationship is always amazing. You find yourself do some sweet things together like playing video games, going on dates with your partner and sometimes watch movies too.

However, we turn to get so familiar with our partners and seize to see the need to keep the flame burning with some romantic love activities. That is when the boring chapter begins. brings you 5 cute things every couple should do to spice up their relationship.

1. Take a trip

Taking vacations is super important in a relationship, you could also spice it up a little and head off on an impromptu trip?

2.Plan a picnic

If the weather is great, pack a simple picnic and head off on an excursion with your partner.

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3. Gifts Spree

Don’t wait for a special occasion to treat your lover. Buy little gifts, put chocolates on the pillow, just be his or her  everyday 'Santa Claus'.

4. Cook for each other

Your partner will appreciate this cute gesture especially  if you someone who is usually in the kitchen.

5. Pick up a skill together.

There is nothing adorable as couples learning something new together. From salsa dancing to cooking classes, do something fun, memorable, and beneficial together.