6 decisions wives should take without consulting husbands

Check out 6 decisions you should never let your partner make for you

However, when it comes things that affects you personally, you have the right to do what is best for you. Your partner can have a comment on your such matters by supporting or giving you their candid opinions about the consequences of your actions.

  • Career choices

Some men think they have the right to influence their partner’s choice of a career once they are in a serious relationship with you but that shouldn’t be the case.

People choose their career path based on their strength and weakness. A partner’s role is to be there to guide and support them.

  •  Getting body modifications

Your partner doesn’t have the right stop you from getting a tattoo, plastic surgery or piercing, and the vice versa. He can only compliment, support or ignore it, after all, it is your body.

  • How to spend your money

With or without a prenup, married women have the right to spend their hard earned money on whatever they want to buy once they have contributed to the family account. They can ask their partners for advice on how to spend it, but it’s ultimately their decision.

  • Privacy

Being honest with your spouse does not necessarily mean you must share every single thought, dream, fear, or fantasy with this person. Your partner doesn’t have to pick your calls or read your text messages or stalk you on social media.

  • Using birth control

Contrary to the health implications involved in using oral contraceptives, some men are forcing their women to take it instead of wearing condoms during sexual intercourse.

Using birth control should be a personal choice. This is something that should not be dictated by your partner. Whether you want to use it or not isn’t the issue; the problem is when your partner takes away those choices from you.

  • Who you should be friends with

Everybody has the right to choose their circle of friends but your partner can only step in when they are taking advantage of you or negatively influencing you.

Apart from that, they cannot decide who you should be friends with, based on social status or appearances. If they simply don’t like your friends, you can always engage with them separately.


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