6 ways to rekindle romance in your relationship

Reliving good memories with your partner is the perfect way to rekindle your love for one another

Happy couple

Sleep together everyday

Couple are ideally supposed to cuddle for some minutes every night and dawn . It is not necessarily about sex but enjoy each other’s affection and stay connected.

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Don't stop dating


Go on dates and travel together. Remember your first date? How happy you were and recreate those memories. Don't ever stop dating to keep the spark in the relationship

Think about things you did during courtship and continue that," says Hoistad. "Couples who are together for a long time tend to take one another for granted and forget to appreciate one another."

Recharge your sex life

Satisfy your man sexually by initiating sex on regular basis. Sex connects the body and mind of couple strengthening the relationship. Try new sex positions in hot-and-heavy make-out sessions; make use of that sexy lingerie and lubes.


Create a couple’s calendar

Couple must make an effort to reserve some time for each other and engage in an activity today; doing house chores, trying a new recipe, going to the cinema. Always suggest new activities to your spouse to try over the weekend.

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Bond in the bathroom

Share the bathroom mirror with your husband while applying makeup, such things tells your spouse how you appreciate every moment spent with them. Shower together especially after work, it can lead to mind-blowing sex.



Shower him with gifts

Surprise him with gifts frequently. These small gestures can leave a big impact on your relationship.

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