8 signs you are dating an immature man

Immature men don't have a steady jobs.

  • He only cares about himself

If your partner has no interest in your dreams and short-term goals unless it is something that will benefit him, then he is acting childishly. A good man should care and contribute to the success story of his partner or find experts in that field to help her.

  • He lives with his parents

Some men still live with their parents but they are very responsible. They take care of all the expenses or part of it. They make major decisions in their life without seeking final approval from their parents.


However, if your man needs permission from his parents before you can spend quality time then there is a problem.  How can you expect to have an adult relationship with someone who’s never left the nest?

  • He expects you to be his mom

These days, married couples are even advised to do household chores together as a means to bonding. Don’t expect your girlfriend to cook, do your laundry or tidy up your room when she spends the weekend with you.

  • He’s selfish in bed

A relationship is all about teamwork and sex plays an important part of our healthy relationship. It would be fantastic if a couple has orgasms at the same time. If the instance where one reaches the final line, he or she should help the other to enjoy the fruit of their labor.

  • He doesn’t stand up for you

Every mature man should defend or stand up for his woman at all times. Later, find creative ways to communicate with her when she is a good mood.

  • He refuses to compromise

This guy has an unrealistic and outdated idea of what it means to be a man. He thinks that unless everything is done on his terms, he’ll be perceived as weak-willed. Grown-ups know life is full of compromises.

  • He can’t fix anything

Generally, men are reasonably expected to be handy. He needs to know how to fix bulbs, change a tire, mount a towel rack or at the very least without bursting into tears.

  • He gets wasted too often

You can plan and go out at least once a month but get wasted every weekend is totally unaccepted. Cleaning up his puke and dealing with his morning-after hangovers is going to get old fast.


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