How to tell if she is single and desperate for a date

How to tell if a girl is single without directly asking her.

  • She doesn’t check her phone all the time

If a girl has a boyfriend, it’s likely that she might be stalking him on social media. They’d be in contact regularly as communication is key in every relationship.

Some girls just don’t like checking their phone all the time, even if they do have a boyfriend, but the probability of that is very, very slim.

  • She makes eye contact

If a woman likes you, she wants to spend more time with you to make direct contact.

Even if she’s not making direct eye contact, her face will be angled towards you in anticipation for the inevitable locking of gazes.

  • She smiles at you

If a woman wants to go on a date with you, she always wears a beautiful smile and shows her pearly whites.

A girl who is single and interested is more likely to smile back and keep eye contact, while a girl who has a boyfriend will smile awkwardly and turn away – for good. There are no look-backs with this one.

  • She doesn’t check to look around when you start talking to her

If a woman is interested in you, she always gives you listens attentively when you’re speaking and tries to make few suggestions based on her expert opinion.


She will only look around if she is waiting for her boyfriend to show up. If she’s waiting for a friend, it still doesn’t look like a good sign. She’s probably checking to see if someone can save her from talking to you.


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