Six signs your marriage is in trouble

Marital relationships are hard work even without infidelity. Couples must learn to communicate effectively and compromise.

  • Couples are supposed to commit and compromise on issues for the growth of the relationship and it has be balanced. When one spouse gives up, it can be frustrating for the other. The affected one can try and look into the issue for solution.
  • Emotional cheating can be worst than physical cheating. Ideally, couples are supposed to plan, share ideas and confide in each other. When one person in the relationship for whatsoever reason is making possible future plans with a third party then you must know your marriage is heading for doom.


  • Even long distance couples are always advised to communicate daily. So if you are living together in the same house and one feels resentment to communicate then there is a big problem here. Lack of communication can be attributed to the fact that both are extremely busy or there are some infidelity issues. Regardless  couples must find time, talk about themselves and get to the heart of issues.
  • Good sex is of paramount importance to the health of a successful marital relationship. Couples turn into roommates when they don’t share the intimacies of marriage and both find excuses to satisfy their conscience. There are several ways to rekindle the love. Start with hugging, holding hands, kissing and touching among others before hitting the sheets.
  • Trust is the main spice in every great marriage. If you can’t trust your partner; always thinking of divorce, then your marriage is in trouble.
  • The bad road to divorce starts with constant fights and arguments over trivial issues. Being a little responsive to the other’s perspective can promote peace and love. Holding grudges will eat into the marriage over time.

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